The affordable law firm.

Our employment and labour law firm provides various different cost structures. We do not have various other practice types to prop up, so we don’t have to rely on the same business models that larger national law firms use. Rather, Dutton’s business model is simple: charge a fair price, with no surprises, and clients will refer more work to us.

What we promise you:

  • Estimate the price of all services in an honest and transparent manner;
  • Offer fair rates; and
  • Charge the advertised price and nothing more.

What We Wont Do

  • Never doing unneeded work;
  • Never taking longer than it should to do something;
  • Never going over budget unless otherwise instructed;
  • Never charging our clients for administrative work; and
  • Never charging our clients anytime they want to discuss administrative matters.

Our law firm can afford to offer our fair and reasonable rates in downtown Toronto because we operate like a startup – we are a King and Bay Street law firm working in an exclusive practice area (employment law) in a mostly paperless, AI and cutting edge software environment.