Affordable employment lawyer

An employment and labour lawyer at the Dutton Employment Law group at Monkhouse Law provides various different cost structures, making it affordable for all clients. We offer different rates for different levels of employment lawyers (based on the seniority of the lawyer), contingency, and fixed fees. In addition, we have paralegals for matters below $25,000.

What we promise you:

  • Estimate the price of all services in an honest and transparent manner.
  • Offer different rate structures including contingency, flat fee and hourly rates.
    • Various hourly rates based on the seniority of the lawyer assigned to file. HST and disbursements are extra.
    • Less expensive rates when a paralegal is used where appropriate.
    • Maximum contingency rate is if we are successful, i.e. no win no fee, we charge 33% (or less in some mutually agreed upon cases) plus disbursements and HST.  The client must pay all disbursements even if we are not successful, and an adverse cost award against the client could apply from the court if we are not successful after litigation has commenced. This 33% rate does not apply to class actions.
    • Contingency only applies to select wrongful dismissal cases. Certainly not every case will qualify for contingency fees.
    • Flat fees do not include HST and disbursements. Generally we will only do  solicitor work for a flat fee. (i.e. drafting, contracts and policy making).
  • Advertise our prices openly.
  • Charge the promised price and nothing more (other than tax and disbursements).

What We Wont Do

  • Never doing unneeded work;
  • Never taking longer than it should to do something;
  • Never going over budget unless otherwise instructed;
  • Never charging our clients for administrative work; and
  • Never charging our clients anytime they want to discuss administrative matters.

Our law group, Dutton Employment Law at Monkhouse Law, can afford to offer our fair and reasonable rates in downtown Toronto because we operate like a startup – we are a King and Bay Street law firm working in an exclusive practice area (employment law) in a mostly paperless, AI and cutting edge software environment.