We act for Employees & Employers

Some people are surprised that we act for both employers and employees. They believe most law firms that do employment law work for one or the other, but not both.

The most important thing we assure clients is that we are forbidden from acting in a conflict of interest to our clients. This means that we cannot act for both sides of a dispute. Therefore, we will act for anyone unless we have a client adverse to them already.

At the same time, we assure clients that it is illegal to make a secret deal, or act less aggressive on a file because our law firm is trying to court the employer as a future client. In fact, we would be disbarred for doing so.

Some (larger) firms will hold themselves out as if they will not act for employees because they are a management-side (employer) only firm, but this is almost always deceiving. More often than not, these firms just don’t want low paid employee clients who can’t pay their inflated legal bills. For example, huge national firms, which all hold themselves out as if they will not act for employees, often represent well-paid executives against employers even though there is no practical difference between a non-executive and an executive “employee”.

Practically however, the firms that hold themselves out as if they will not act for either employees or management clients do so because they are trying to portray an image to attract a certain type of client. This is an old model, and we don’t subscribe to it. We will vigorously defend the rights of any person or business entity unless we have a conflict due to a pre-existing relationship with a client.

We believe our philosophy gives us an advantage in negotiation and in the knowledge of the law – we see both sides.