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Executive level employees should seek the advice of an employment lawyer before signing a new employment contract. The payment / vesting of equity and pension plan accrual are often limited by termination clauses contained in an employment contract upon an employee's termination. These termination clauses could cost you significantly if your income is heavily weighted to incentive compensation. Accordingly, do not sign an employment contract if you are an executive before consulting a specialized employment lawyer.

Furthermore, an employment lawyer will be able to advise executive employees on issues pertaining to the vesting of different equity plans, pension and benefits, generally.

In addition, an employment lawyer can advise on the payment of executive income generally, including tax and regulatory concerns.

As well, an employment lawyer will be able to advise on bargaining for a favourable severance clause. Many executives successfully negotiate a 2 year notice period in case of termination or change of control, acquisition, etc.

executive employment lawyer

Moreover, an employment lawyer can advise on restrictive covenants contained in your employment offer and what they mean if you want to pursue work during or after the proposed employment relationship.

In addition, an experienced executive employment lawyer can advise generally on executive compensation, including appropriate salary, bonus, equity and fringe benefits like vehicle, club membership, extended health benefits, relocation payments for moving and in case of termination.

Furthermore, an executive employment lawyer at Dutton Employment Law will be able to advise on private equity and M&A and how those transactions could affect your employment terms and conditions, or how to prepare in the future for such transactions.

Finally, an employment lawyer can advise executives on insurance issues, including director insurance, life insurance and short term and long term disability insurance.

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If you have been an offered an executive level position, contact a Toronto, Ontario executive employment law lawyer at Dutton Employment Law today. A lawyer could save you upward of hundreds of thousands of dollars in case of termination.