Employment Lawyer Fees

Dutton Employment Law offers its clients convenience, peace of mind and practicality by way of several different fee arrangements, including:

  • Hourly rate retainers;
  • Contingency fee retainers; and
  • Flat rate retainers.

Hourly Rate Retainers

Dutton Employment Law employs affordable employment and labour law lawyers. Before you agree to retain our firm, we will work together to choose the appropriate lawyer based on the lawyer's years of experience and cost. If a matter is not overly complex, a junior lawyer is often the best option. However, if an employment matter is quite complicated, it is best to hire a more senior employment lawyer. In that regard, our junior lawyers tend to cost less (usually as low as around $300 per hour) while more senior lawyers tend to cost more.

Contingency Fee Retainers

Dutton Employment Law understands the financial difficulty of employment related legal issues - especially termination. We know that sometimes there isn’t enough money left over to retain a lawyer on an hourly rate basis. In that regard, we sometimes work with wrongful dismissal clients on a “contingency fee” basis, meaning you don’t pay unless we win (i.e. no win no fee). In that respect, once we have secured a victory for you, we will charge you a percentage of the extra money awarded to you (i.e. we only charge a fee on the money we got our clients over and above what their employer offered before they retained us).

Flat Rate Retainers

In many case we will charge our clients an agreed upon fixed fee for doing work on their behalf. For instance, we sometimes arrange fixed fees to review or draft employment contracts and other employment related paperwork. This is especially efficient and economical because clients know for certain how much the product costs ahead of time and there will not be any surprises once the work is done.

For all kinds of our retainers, Dutton Employment Law promises you this:

  1. You will be matched with the most affordable lawyer appropriate for your case;
  2. Our prices will be discussed at the outset;
  3. Your lawyer will weigh the cost versus the risk of moving forward;
  4. You will be advised on the approximate final cost of services; and
  5. You won’t get any surprises on your bill. We will keep costs low and stick to our promise.  

Choose Dutton Employment Law

  • All we do is employment and labour law;
  • We have decades of experience in employment and labour law;
  • We are top Toronto employment, human rights and wrongful dismissal lawyers who have a winning track record in employment, human rights and wrongful dismissal; and
  • Clients refer us work because they appreciate our customer service, communication and professionalism.

If you have any questions, please call our principal  Jeff Dutton.

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Termination Package Retainer


  • Consultation
  • Demand Letter
  • 2.5 hourly rate credits
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