Why I Run Ads

Dutton Employment Law is not a law firm. It is a blog run by Jeff Dutton, a lawyer at Monkhouse Law. Read about us here.

The Dutton Employment Law blog gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Hosting is expensive and the great majority of my visitors come to my blog for a little bit of knowledge, not to hire me as their lawyer. For example, when I post something new about the changing minimum wage in Ontario, I don’t expect visitors to hire me to advise them on that. Rather, I expect them to click on my post just to read up on the issue. In return, I hope I was able to increase the visibility of Monkhouse Law in case the visitor has a legal issue a lawyer can help with down the road.

In an effort to scale my hosting to accommodate increasing traffic, and to incentivize posting more work and HR content for Canadians, I decided to run ads on certain informational posts that do not attract clients, like for example, posts about changes to the minimum wage.