Dutton Employment Law, a division of Monkhouse Law, charges fair and reasonable prices. Read about our employment lawyer prices below (desktop only), click or call for specific pricing.

Our law group consisting of employment lawyers and employment paralegals offers various cost structures depending on client circumstances, including contingency fees. Where it makes the most sense, our clients may choose an hourly rate that is price-dependent on the legal experience of the assigned lawyer or paralegal. Otherwise, it may be more appropriate for our clients to agree to a contingency fee with an employment lawyer or employment paralegal. This is especially the case in wrongful dismissal employment matters. Understandably, a particular client may have no more access to disposable income because they just lost their job and may not be able to afford the costs of a long trial especially if they are the sole breadwinner of a household. Alternatively, if a client would just like a contract reviewed or drafted, or something simple like that, there is no need for a large retainer, so our law firm and a client may agree upon a fixed fee that captures the whole project.

Nevertheless, for all of our rate structures that our employment lawyers or paralegals charge, we will always be honest and forthcoming, provide consistent work-in-progress bills and endeavour to ensure there are no surprises. Call us today to learn more. We would be happy to discuss our fees at a first consultation. All first consultations are free.

If we charge a contingency fee, and the client agrees in the retainer agreement, the contingency fee will usually be between around 20%-30% of the new money awarded to the client, plus disbursements and tax, but no more than 33%. The rate may vary depending on the circumstances or the stage of the matter. For example, it may be a lower percentage contingency fee if the matter is settled early. However, typically, the highest percentage fee possible is used when the matter goes all the way to a completion of a trial or hearing. Nevertheless, the entire structure of the contingency fee and the potential variables of the contingency fee will be pointed out clearly in the retainer so there are no surprises. Call us to discuss.

Contingency Fee



  • No Win no fee

  • HST and disbursements are extra

  • Only applies to select wrongful dismissal cases

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Fixed Fee


Per Project

  • Single tasks like contracts or policies

  • HST and disbursements are extra

  • Price will be confirmed after consultation

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