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Dutton Employment Law is an employment law group at Monkhouse Law practicing in downtown Toronto and across Ontario. Our employment law group is regularly sought out by senior managers, executives and companies to provide workplace law consultation, ad hoc HR advice, negotiation and litigation services in all employment law matters in all industries. We work with our employer, Monkhouse Law, and the employment lawyers of Monkhouse Law, but we tend to focus primarily on executive and management-side employment law.

Our law group principal employment attorney provides experience, boutique customer service and value. Our employment law group, contained within Monkhouse Law, relies on a commitment to sound judgement in employment and labour law to provide quality workplace legal advice for you or your company. If you are looking for an employment attorney in Toronto, we believe you have found the right place in the Dutton Employment Law Group at Monkhouse Law. Let us solve your workplace legal issues.

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Our Toronto employment law group, a part of Monkhouse Law, gives clients the individualized attention they deserve throughout the entire course of their matters – from quality and trusted legal advice at first consultations all the way up to complex employment law litigation and sensitive workplace investigations. A lawyer at our employment law group will update clients constantly, return calls and emails promptly and move files forward quickly. Our tireless effort to make our clients happy is reflected in our growth and our reputation as a respected Toronto employment and labour law group. If you were looking for a compassionate, experienced and tireless employment lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you have found the right law team.

We are an employment law group contained within Monkhouse Law, a mid-sized Toronto employment law firm, and we focus on businesses and individuals, including senior managers and executives. Unless we have a conflict, we will act on any employment law matter in any industry in any Canadian province (subject to licensing constraints if applicable). Click here to find out why representing both employers and employees makes us better at what we do. We see both sides of employment law. That gives our clients the advantage.

Awards: In 2019, before our merger, both Dutton Employment Law and Monkhouse Law were nominated for the 2019 Canadian HR Awards: Labour & Employment Law Boutique of the Year. Also in 2019, Monkhouse Law won the award for Top Growing Law Firm of 2019 by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. In 2018 and 2017, Dutton Employment Law was nominated for the Canadian HR Reporter’s Best Employment and Labour Law Boutique.

A Litigation Employment Group

  • Although it is estimated that 99% of all employment law cases settle (*past results do not mean future success) our law group has and will continue to go to trial. Other Toronto wrongful dismissal, employment and human rights lawyers know this. Our history is our advantage.

  • Still, we know the value of settlement, and that’s sometimes our first goal so as to avoid risk and expense. Whether it is a wrongful termination or a human rights case, rest assured, an employment lawyer at our law group will strive to quickly settle your GTA workplace legal issues.

A Well Prepared Law Group

  • Dutton Employment Law understands that preparation is the key to success. We know that the most prepared party who has done the most investigation, research and analysis is almost always the most successful one. That is why we will listen carefully to our clients to understand their particular circumstances, and once engaged, become methodical in approach and vigorous in execution. Effort is our heritage.

  • A Toronto employment lawyer at our law group will carefully but efficiently review and analyze all your facts, circumstances and potential legal arguments in the most comprehensive way possible, allowing us to anticipate and maneuver all the issues to ensure the client’s best foot forward. Our formula for professionalism is in our DNA and its why we attract and maintain employer work and international clients.


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Consultation Call Back Request

An employment attorney or paralegal (depending on the circumstances) at the Dutton Employment Law Group will provide a free consultation to employees.

We will provide a free consultation to employers in most circumstances, but we will not provide legal advice unless we have been retained.

Our employment law group does not represent unionized employees in any instance. We will not respond to unionized employees. If you are a unionized employee, consider a labour lawyer, not an employment lawyer.

Toronto Employment Lawyer for Employers

Companies trust and respect our employment law group within the Monkhouse Law Firm. We seek to grow the firm by growing the business and wealth of our clients. If your business already has counsel, or if you are an established company just now looking for counsel, consider coming in to our firm for a complimentary consultation (employers only). We will explain how we can lower your HR and employment law firm costs (we charge less than the large firms but promise to provide the same level of service).

Our role as your HR lawyer is to help you save time and effectively manage your workplace in a manner that avoids risk. Dutton Employment Law Group will take a zealous approach to all employment and labour matters to protect your interests. Here at the Dutton Employment Group, within Monkhouse Law, an employment and labour lawyer takes your work as seriously as you do.

Come see why our clients trust our judgement, efficiency and experience. Meet with an employment attorney at Dutton Employment Law at Monkhouse Law to learn more about our services at our downtown office on Bay Street in Toronto’s financial district:

Areas Served

Dutton Employment Law, a division of Monkhouse Law, is based in downtown Toronto, we do not have offices in these other cities, but we provide employment law advice and litigation services in all Ontario cities and towns – and at all courts, tribunals or arbitrations. If you need an employment lawyer, practicing in both employer rights and executive rights, anywhere in Ontario we can help. Email us to set up a telephone consultation if you are too far to come  to the office.  

Dutton Employment Law is a Management-side / Executive employment law group for Ontario labour law, employment contracts law, severance law, wrongful dismissal law, unjust termination law, constructive dismissal law, human rights law, workplace investigation law, employee rights law and workplace litigation.

Please note that our employment law consultations at our office are by appointment only. Phone consultations can be made anytime. Just call us.

Work is one of the most fundamental aspects in a person’s life.Supreme Court of Canada

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Please note that Dutton Employment Law is not a law firm, it is a practise group contained within a law firm called Monkhouse Law. Jeff Dutton is an employee of Monkhouse Law.

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