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About Us

Hi, I’m Jeff Dutton. Welcome. started as a blog for my law firm, Dutton Employment Law, in 2016, covering Canadian employment law news and tips.

My law firm represented employees and companies in all industries, particularly individuals employed in social-media technology companies, national telecoms and big-five banks.

In March 2023, I left the day-to-day practice of Dutton Employment Law to focus on my HR legal technology company, goHeather. In 2024, while I steal lead goHeather, I began also leading a new stealth legal tech product at an established legal tech leader.

This old website,, has thus now pivoted to a new quasi-legal-technology company offering extremely easy access to lawyers who provide access-to-justice focused unbundled legal services, particularly consultations and instant document review over video calls only.

In this way,, still provides affordable consultations to individuals looking for a quick chat. Why? That’s the best part of being a lawyer – helping people get information, especially when they are worried and stressed. However, as described above, we only offer video consultations. And we do not take matters beyond the consultation.

In addition, I decided to keep our blog up because it got a lot of traffic and I wanted to monetize it. Now, therefore, this website’s blog is about almost anything and everything related to employment in Canada generally, which is the intersection of my professional experience and blogging interest. Some of the posts are written because I think they will get a lot of traffic on a relevant topic, and some of the posts are written because I just had an opinion on the subject that I wanted to share. I am no longer writing with the goal of attracting customers. Now I am just writing for the sake of writing.

As a law firm from 2016-2023, Dutton Employment Law was honoured with peer-reviewed recognition and invitations to speak at conferences. In 2019, following a four-year merger ending in 2023 with fast growing industry leader Monkhouse Law, The Dutton Employment Law Group (our new name following our merger) was nominated for the 2019 Canadian HR Awards: Labour & Employment Law Boutique of the Year. In 2021, 2020, 2018 and 2017, The Dutton Employment Law Group was also nominated for the Canadian HR Reporter’s Best Employment and Labour Law Boutique.

We appeared in newspapers, magazines, textbooks, journals, TV and radio.

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