Unpaid Overtime Ontario

Standard hours of work in Ontario are 44 hours or less per week. Employees are entitled to their regular wage …

How long does an employer have to issue an roe?

Section 19(3)(i) of the Employment Insurance Regulations (SOR/96-332) (“the Regulations”) state that an employer must issue the Record of Employment (“ROE”) within 5 days after the employee’s earnings are “interrupted”.

Termination Pay Ontario (FAQ)

termination pay canada

What is termination pay? Who is entitled to termination pay? How much termination pay am I entitled to? Termination pay information for Canada.

Who is Entitled to Severance Pay?

Who is entitled to severance pay

Almost everyone in Ontario is entitled to ‘severance pay’ unless that person is terminated for just cause. However, keep in mind …

Average Severance Pay for Executives

There is no rule that 24 months’ is the absolute maximum amount of reasonable notice a long-standing, senior employee can …