Toronto Constructive Dismissal Lawyers

What is Constructive Dismissal?

A constructive dismissal allows an employee to stop working and demand termination pay or sue for wrongful dismissal even though their employment was never terminated. In other words, constructive dismissal gives an employee the right to quit their job and get paid a severance and be eligible for employment insurance (EI).

How do I know if I have been constructively dismissed?
  1. Constructive dismissal happens when an employee’s job description or pay is changed by their employer.
    • unpaid wages or bonuses
    • demotions
    • lowered salaries
  2. Constructive dismissal can also happen when an employee is treated so poorly that they cannot reasonably be expected to return to work.
    • toxic work environments
    • harassment
    • discrimination
How can Dutton Employment Law help?

Our employment law firm can advise whether you have been constructively dismissed, write a demand letter asking for termination pay, sue for wrongful dismissal and appeal your claim for EI, if it has been denied.

Read more about constructive dismissal in our detailed guide to constructive dismissal. See our blog post on constructive dismissal examples for more information. 

Dutton Employment Law is a constructive dismissal law firm.

If your employer has changed the terms or conditions of your employment, or if your work environment has become toxic, contact a Toronto constructive dismissal lawyer today. We may be able to help you quit your job and get paid.

Note: Employees should always contact an employment lawyer or law firm specializing in constructive dismissal before they consider themselves constructively dismissed and quit their jobs. Normally, when an employee quits his or her job, they are entitled to nothing, so if an employee quits their job and is unsuccessful claiming constructive dismissal, the same consequences apply.