Disability Accommodation Lawyer

Your employer has a duty to accommodate your disability.

Employers must accommodate their employers with disabilities, short of undue hardship. This means that, where practical, employers are obliged to provide disabled employees special treatment at the workplace, or allow them to remain employed while on prolonged leave from work.

Such disability accommodations that our employment law firm have handled include amending working hours, providing alternative jobs, furnishing special office space or furniture, moving offices, working from home, allowing employees to sit all day and providing added break time. In this regard, our firm has winning experience in professionally and confidentially negotiating accommodations on behalf of employees and employers. We also regularly work with doctors and insurers on behalf of our employee clients to perfect a disability claim.

Individuals should also be aware that if their employer fails to accommodate an employee’s disability, or discipline / terminate them due to disability, or treat them adversely in some way because of disability, they can be liable to compensate or reinstate affected employees. Unlike a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, in a discrimination claim at the Human Rights Tribunal, employers can be forced to rehire a terminated employee, and pay them back pay, plus damages for injuries to dignity and self worth. As, employees who have not been accommodated, but do not wish to return to work, can claim constructive dismissal, quit their job and be entitled to the previously mentioned remedies (i.e. human rights damages), plus termination pay in lieu of notice and EI as if they had their employment terminated.

How can Dutton Employment Law help?

We can advise whether your employer must accommodate your disability, how your employer must accommodate your disability, negotiate with your employer on your behalf or sue your employer for failing to accommodate your disability.

Types of Disabilities we Assist Clients with: All mental and physical impairments of any kind. For example, the following disability types:

  • Dexterity
  • Hearing
  • Pain
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Psychological
  • Seeing
  • Developmental
  • Addictions

Where required, we also work with employers, insurers and medical practitioners in permitting disabled clients to stop work and get their income through short term (STD) and long term disability (LTD) insurance benefits.

Dutton Employment Law is a disability accommodation law firm.

If you would like your employer to accommodate your disability, or if your employer has failed to properly accommodate your disability, contact our disability accommodation lawyer today. Dutton Employment Law is noted for its sensitivity and client satisfaction.