Occupational Health and Safety Defense Lawyers

In addition to defending companies, directors, and engineers, Dutton Employment Law defends supervisors and workers in all Occupational Health and Safety Act charges and prosecutions.

Alleged offenses under the Occupational Health and Safety Act are very serious.  Supervisors and workers can face jail time or a fine up to $25,000. Accordingly, it is very important to act quickly to protect yourself if you have been charged, whether it be by mounting a vigorous defense or making a quick settlement at a lower rate than the actual charge, if warranted.

Our counsel is a former Ministry of Labour prosecutor. We have the experience to defend all matters. Contact us today.

Dutton Employment Law is an occupational health and safety defense law firm.

If you have been charged by the Ministry of Labour with an Occupational Health and Safety Act offense, contact a Toronto occupational health and safety lawyer today.