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Wrongfully dismissed?

A wrongful dismissal lawyer at Dutton Employment Law can assist individuals who have lost their job in Toronto, and across all of Ontario.

If you are fired, terminated or let go in Ontario, a wrongful dismissal lawyer at our downtown Toronto law firm will negotiate the severance you deserve. Learn more about wrongful dismissal and severance:

Is your severance package reasonable?

Call our law firm for a consultation to find out. A Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyer will advise how much termination pay you are entitled to in Ontario. In other words, we will calculate your severance package.

After calculating how much termination pay or severance you are entitled to, we will advise whether you should sign the release provided by your employer in your termination package. Do not sign the release until you have consulted a wrongful dismissal lawyer.

If our wrongful dismissal lawyer in Toronto determines that you were wrongfully dismissed, we will work on your behalf to achieve the best possible wrongful dismissal  settlement.

What is a wrongful dismissal?

A non-unionized employer under the regulation of the province of Ontario is allowed to let an employee go from their job for any reason if it provides reasonable notice to the terminated employee (an employer does not even need to provide a reason for a termination). Reasonable notice can be provided in the form of working notice, termination pay in lieu of notice and severance.

“[A]n action for wrongful dismissal is based on an implied obligation in the employment contract to give reasonable notice of an intention to terminate the relationship in the absence of just cause. Thus, if an employer fails to provide reasonable notice of termination, the employee can bring an action for breach of the implied term” (Honda Canada Inc. v. Keays, 2008 SCC 39 (CanLII) at para. 50 ).

Accordingly, it is only a "wrongful dismissal" when the employer fails to give a terminated employee "reasonable notice" (i.e. enough notice) of his or her termination. Thus, the key dispute in a wrongful dismissal case is the amount of notice or termination pay in lieu of notice that an employee is entitled to.

A "wrongful dismissal" lawsuit is not actually about the wrongness or rightness, the reason or the form of the actual termination. A wrongful dismissal only arises if the employer breaches the employment contract by failing to give the terminated employee enough "reasonable notice" of the termination. Thus, generally there is no money awarded to a wrongfully dismissed employee for the loss of their job or pain and suffering that may have been suffered. Rather, a wrongful dismissal lawsuit is only about getting the employee more pay in lieu of reasonable notice. However, in rare instances, a wrongfully dismissed employee may be entitled to further extraordinary remedies such as punitive damages.

How much reasonable notice am I owed?

Calculating how much reasonable notice an employee is entitled to is an art, not a science. Employment lawyers examine a wide range of factors that need to be considered, including an employee’s salary, age, tenure and position. There is no formula, and there is no rule that states that an employee gets one month of notice per year of service, contrary to popular belief. In fact, most employees are entitled to well over a month of notice per year. Click for more in our detailed guide to wrongful dismissal and the calculation of reasonable notice. Consider also reviewing the CanlII free online textbook for wrongful dismissal.

How can Dutton Employment Law help?

We can let you know if you have been wrongfully dismissed, write a demand letter asking for additional notice / severance / termination pay or launch a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

Dutton Employment Law is a wrongful dismissal law firm.

Dutton Employment Law is a Toronto wrongful dismissal law firm. Individuals regularly seek out our firm because of our reputation for sound advice, commitment to customer service and tireless advocacy. If you have been let go or believe you are about to be let go, you have found the right employment law firm.

If you have been let go without reasonable notice, or you are unsure the notice (i.e. severance package) offered by your employer is reasonable, contact a Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyer today. Our wrongful dismissal counsel has the experience, reputation and record of success to vigorously defend your legal rights.

Have you been wrongfully dismissed?

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Do not sign your termination package until you consult a wrongful dismissal lawyer.